Pictures on the RWWS are our copyright where applicable, or that of others who have made images available to us. Images will normally be made available for use on other websites and a request for its use is all that is required, together with attribution and a link to our source page. Further details are available on request. 

Requests for the use of our images in printed publications or other uses are welcome. Please Editor - Thamesweb for additional information.

Copyright re Pictures and Text from other web sites

Please note that importing pictures, also text, from other web sites can contravene copyright regulations and so it is preferable to include a link to that site rather than copy it to our forum.

A lot of pictures no longer appear in posts on this forum - they display only as a blue, or sometimes a red, icon. This can be because the remote server is protecting copyright of the owner and preventing the image from being downloaded for display on another web page. It may also of course no longer exist which negates the reasons for the post anyway.

In either case, if you come across any images missing from posts, please email me and I will see what can be done. All the photos hosted by the RWWS should appear OK, but sometimes photos are hosted elsewhere and that is where the problems arise. Editor - Thamesweb

I would also like to hear if any of the RWWS pictures appear on other web areas. We get very irritated when, having spent hours and often a fair amount of cash finding pictures for the RWWS, we find them misappropriated by others for their own purposes, often on sites that make money from advertising around posts featuring RWWS stuff!!! Grrrr! If I meet them in a dark alley…!

In short, please respect the copyright of others. One special case is the Wikipedia website, and perhaps others similar, which clearly state that pictures are copyright free provided the source is acknowledged.

Finding Pictures of Windsor on our Website and Forum

A Google search " jpg" and selecting 'Images' will list over 3000 'jpg' images on the forum here and provide a thumbnail of each one. The search can be refined by adding the flavour of your choice. NB Almost all are © The Royal Windsor Website and as such we ask that permission is requested for use elsewhere. This will normally be no problem although for commercial uses we may ask for a contribution to our overheads.

A Google search " jpg" or " jpg" will display additional images from the later RWWS website. Almost all are © The Royal Windsor Website.

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