I have always loved going to see the Christmas Pantomime ever since I can remember and still try to go every year (even though my wife thinks I'm nuts!). Not to be deterred, I bought tickets for both of us for yesterdays afternoon performance of Alladin. On arrival, it turned out that apart from about 20 teachers accompanying them, we were probably the only adults amongst what seemed like the best part of 500 screaming children aged between about 5 and 10 on school trips from Ascot and Slough !!.

That might sound like your worst nightmare, but they made it the best laugh you could imagine. The Panto itself is really good with some extremley funny lines and sketches, but the yelling and booing and general antics of the kids watching, had us both in stitches.

Hats off to the cast and producers and hats off to the kids as well for really getting into it.

I can thoroughly recommend going if you can get tickets !!