Welcome to the RWWS local history book resource lists!

This latest addition to RWWS'  resources is designed to provide RWWS readers, (and especially those individuals with a penchant for Windsor's in-depth history) with a central location from which they are able to see at a glance some known sources of  privately-owned, rare and hard-to-find copies of local books, dealing with the history of the local area, and dating from as early as the 18th Century up to the present day. It is to be hoped that resources from this List can be used by Forumites to supplement information gleaned from the Maplists, and vice-versa.

To kickstart this project, I have attached a list of my own booklist which hopefully may be of use and interest. I am happy to provide information/sample images from these sources to those who need them for their own studies.

As with the Maplist project, the key to the efficiency and success of this small project is that I am hoping that others, like myself, will be agreeable not only to listing their own booklists, but will participate in actively making their resources available to interested parties, or at least be amenable to replying to questions sent to them on subjects which relate to their resource material.

Please contact me via yuku PM if you have any queries relating to any items in the list which I have submitted, and I will do my best to respond positively. If anybody else has  resources they wish to add to the list, then again, please get in touch.

For those who wish to comment on this project, please post your views or questions on the 'Local Books' thread which can be found in the Windsor History, Old Photos and Genealogy section.

A final note - the laws and rules of Copyright will apply, and be applied, to all sources of material which I (and hopefully others) have made available through this List.

Happy researching - and bibliophiling!




(supplied by Cranbourne - latest additions shown in BLUE - last amended 09.05.2017)


Memoirs Of St George, The English Patron etc – Thomas Dawson 1714

An Account Of The Conduct Of The Dowager Duchess Of Marlborough, From Her

First Coming To Court, To The Year 1710 – Sarah, Duchess Of Marlborough/Hooke 1742

The History And Antiquities Of Windsor Castle - Joseph Pote 1749

Les Delices De Windsore - Joseph Pote 1755

The Life Of William Augustus, Duke Of Cumberland – Andrew Henderson 1766

Les Delices De Windsore - Joseph Pote 1769 (3rd Edition)

The Windsor Guide - Charles Knight 1790 (2nd Edition)


A BILL to enable HIS MAJESTY to make SALES, EXCHANGES and PURCHASES of LANDS in WINDSOR FOREST, for the IMPROVEMENT thereof; and for the more easy settling of disputed RIGHTS therein - H.M.GOVT 1809* 

First-fourth Reports On The State Of Windsor Forest – Commissioners For Windsor Forest/H.M.Govt 1809 – 1810

The History Of Windsor And Its Neighbourhood - James Hakewill 1813



Accounts relating to expenses in the Dept.of Woods & Forests 1806-1816 - Office of Woods & Forests 1816


The Memoirs Of Princess Charlotte – Robert Huish 1818

A Series Of Views Of The Neighbourhood Of Windsor, Including The Seats Of Several Of The Nobility And Gentry – James Hakewill 1820

A Visitant’s Guide To Windsor Castle And Its Vicinity – No Author 1828

The Royal Windsor Guide – J.B.Brown 1837

A Descriptive & Historical Account Of Egham And The Environs – C.C.Wetton c1837

Apportionment Of The Rent-charge In Lieu Of Tithes For Winkfield, Berkshire (original Document) – 1838

The Royal Lodges In Windsor Great Park - HB Ziegler 1839

Windsor Castle And Its Environs – Leitch Ritchie 1840

A Summer’s Day In Windsor – Edward Jesse 1841

Notices Of Windsor In The Olden Time – John Stoughton 1844

The Royal Windsor Guide – J.B.Brown c1845

The History Of Stoke Poges – Anonymous c1845

A Letter to the Right Honourable The Earl of Lincoln, Chief Commissioner of Her Majesty's Woods, Forests, Land Revenues, Etc., 

On the Present State and Direction of the Roads Intersecting the Parks and Grounds of Windsor Castle, and on the Thoroughfares - Robert Richard Tighe 1845 *

Favourite Haunts And Rural Studies – Edward Jesse 1847

The 28th Report Of The Commissioners Of Woods & Forests – HM Govt 1851

Annals Of Windsor (2 Vols) – R.R.Tighe And J.E.Davis 1858

The History And Antiquities Of The Hundred Of Bray – Charles Kerry 1861

The 39th Report Of The Commissioners Of Woods & Forests – HM Govt 1861

History Of Wraysbury, Ankerwycke Priory etc – Gordon W.J.Gyll 1862

Windsor, A History Of The Castle & The Town – John Stoughton 1862

A Return of all houses and premises in the Occupation of any Government Department .. for which Rent is paid to the Dept. of Woods & Forests - HM Govt 1863

The 42nd Report Of The Commissioners Of Woods & Forests – HM Govt 1864

The History Of Windsor Great Park And Windsor Forest  -W.Menzies 1864

The History Of Windsor Great Park And Windsor Forest (original Text Pages, Reproduction Photographs And Maps Inserted) -W.Menzies 1864

Notes On Virginia Water – Rev. F.J.Rawlins 1866

Windsor Castle And It’s Neighbourhood – T.Nelson & Sons c1872

Guide To Windsor, Eton And Virginia Water - W.F.Taylor 1878

Royal Windsor (4 Vols) – W.Hepworth-Dixon 1879

Enlarged Edition Of The Royal Windsor Guide – Collier c1880

Windsor Castle And The Waterway Thither - W.H.Davenport Adams 1880

Authorized Guide To Windsor Castle, With Plans – Welham Clarke (printers) 1885

Windsor, A Description Of The Castle, Park, Town And Vicinity – W.J.Loftie 1886

Oxleys Windsor Guide – R.Oxley & Son 1889

A History Of Windsor Forest, Sunninghill And The Great Park - G.M.Hughes 1890

Some Stray Notes Upon Slough And Upton – Richard Bentley 1892

History Of The Royal Buckhounds – J.P.Hore 1895

The Royal Album Of Windsor Views – Ernest Marshall 1895

The Governor’s Guide To Windsor Castle – Marquis Of Lorne 1895

The Queen's Hounds - Lord Ribblesdale 1897

Annals of Eton College - Wasey Sterry 1898

Marshall’s Royal Windsor Guide – Ernest Marshall c1902

Duchess Sarah; Being The Social History Of etc etc – Mrs Arthur Colville 1904

Windsor Park And Forest – William Menzies Jnr 1904

The Royal Forests of England - J.Charles Cox 1905

Eclipse, And O’Kelly – Theodore George Cook 1907

Windsor – Sir Richard Rivington-Holmes KCVO 1908

A History Of Maidenhead – J.W.Walker 1909

Bagshot And Neighbourhood (photo album) – F.Cooke c1910

English Woodlands And Their Story – Houghton Townley 1910

The Story Of Royal Windsor – Albert Lee 1910

Windsor And Eton – Beatrice Home 1911

Royal Gardens - Cyril Ward 1912

Windsor Illustrated - Herbert Collmann c1912

A History Of The Parish Of Upton Cum Chalvey – Richard V.H. Burne 1913

Windsor Castle, An Architectural History (2 Vols & Portfolio) – W.H.St John Hope 1913

The Story of Royal Windsor - Albert Lee 1913

Windsor And Eton; A Sketch Book – Fred Richards 1914

Windsor Castle – Edward Thomas 1918

Oxleys Sixpenny Guide To Windsor – No Author 1919

Oxleys Sixpenny Guide To Windsor – No Author 1920

Byways In Berkshire And The Cotswolds – P.H.Ditchfield 1920

The Royal Guide To Windsor Castle – W.H.St John Hope 1920

Bygone Eton – R.A.Austen-Leigh - 1922

Oxleys Guide To Windsor – No Author 1923

Burnham, Bucks – W H Williams 1925

Egham, Surrey; A History of the Parish under Church and Crown - Frederick Turner 1926

Stoke Poges Church –  Rev.J.F.Hoyle 1927

Notes On Windlesham Church – John Cree 1927

Windsor, Old And New - T.E.Harwood 1929

HRH the Duke of Connaught & Strathearn - Maj.Gen Sir George Aston KCB 1929

Wentworth, Virginia Water, Sunningdale & District (pamphlet) – Gosling & Milner c1930

Windsor And Eton – A Booklet Of Information To Visitors – Windsor & Eton Chamber Of Trade c1930

St George’s Chapel And Its Precincts – Albert Baillie c1932

The Penn Country of Buckinghamshire - G.K. Chesterton 1932

The Windsor Forest Turnpike – Arthur Heelas 1933

The Romance Of St George’s Chapel – H.W. Blackburne 1933

A Short History Of Sunningdale - F.C.Hodder 1937

Some Historic Inns Of Slough – Richard Bentley 1937

The Story Of Windsor Castle – Bruce Graeme 1937

The Origin And Development Of Sunninghill And Ascot - C.W.Searle 1937

The Official Guide To Windsor Castle – Stanley A. Williams 1937

A Short Guide To Windsor And The River – Salter Brothers 1938

The Official Guide To Windsor Castle – Stanley A. Williams 1939

The Romance Of Windsor Castle – Hector Bolitho 1946

Eton Rural District; The Official Handbook  - No Author 1946

Windsor And Eton – Windsor & Eton Chamber Of Trade 1947

Around Royal Windsor; Footpath Guides No.99 – Henry Fearon (“Fieldfare”) 1949

The Official Guide To Windsor Castle - No Author 1949

Round And About Windsor And District - Olwen Hedley 1950

Companion Into Buckinghamshire – Maxwell Fraser 1950

Windsor Castle (a Novel) – W Harrison-Ainsworth (reprint) c1950

Royal Windsor – Maxwell Fraser c1950

Up River from Windsor to Marlow - Joyce Brooks c1950

Royal Windsor – Windsor & Eton District Chamber Of Trade 1951

Gateway To Windsor Castle – Luff & Son c1952

The Pictorial Story Of Windsor Castle - M.Peacocke 1952

The Royal Gardeners, King George VI And His Queen – W.E.Sherwell-Cooper 1952

Windsor, Eton And The River – Thames Valley Art Productions 1952

Castle Royal; a Guide to Royal Windsor - Windsor & Eton Society c1953

The Garter Town – E.B.W.Chappelow 1953

Maidenhead Official Guide – Maidenhead Borough Council 1956

The “ruins” At Virginia Water – G.E.Chambers 1956

Windsor Official Guide – Oxleys (printers) 1956

Royal Windsor – Windsor, Eton & Ascot District Chamber Of Trade 1957

Windsor And Eton – B.J.W. Hill 1957

The Gardens In The Royal Park At Windsor - Lanning Roper 1959

The Crown Estate; an Historical Essay - RB Pugh 1960

Windsor Parish Church, with an account of All Saints, Frances Rd - Rev. L. Badham c1960

George IV And Royal Lodge - Owen Morshead 1965

Old Windsor Handbook - Old Windsor Guide Book Committee 1965

Royal Lodge - Helen Cathcart 1966

The Middle Thames In Antiquity – R.F.Denington 1966

Windsor Rural District (Sunninghill, Sunningdale, Ascot, Old Windsor) – Windsor RDC c1966

Sarah, Duchess Of Marlborough – David Green 1967

The Pish (parish) Of Warfield And Easthampstead – Eileen Shorland 1967

Windsor Castle – Olwen Hedley 1967

Windsor Great Park – A Recreation Study – Thomas L. Burton 1967

Maps and Plans in the Public Record Office; vol1 British Isles c1440-1860 - HMSO 1967

A Century of Witness - Fifield Village Mission 1867-1967 - Norman Court 1967

The First Hall Book of the Borough of New Windsor 1653-1725 - Shelagh Bond/RBNW 1968

The Royal Borough of Windsor - Sheilagh Bond 1968

O’Kelly (a Novel ) – Arthur Weiss 1969

A Photographic Album Of Windsor – M.P.Wooler 1969

Maidenhead Official Guide - Borough of Maidenhead c1970

When Langley Lost Its Green - William Yarrow c1970

The Medieval Constitution Of New Windsor – Sheilagh Bond 1970

Short History Of Maidenhead 5th-13th Century – Joy Dillaway 1970

Alexander Pope; Selected Poetry – D. Grant 1971

A History Of Winkfield – Harris And Stantan 1971

Discovering Windsor – David And Beryl Hedges 1971

The Royal Borough Of New Windsor Official Guide – The Royal Borough Council 1971

Windsor Castle – Sir Owen Morshead 1971

South Bucks Villages - Slough & Eton WEA c1971

Herne the Hunter; A Berkshire Legend - Michael John Petry 1972

Burnham Beeches – ADC Lesueur (1955) Reprinted 1972

The Parish Of Langley, Buckinghamshire (+ 4 Loose Photos Of Kederminster Library) – Rev. Brian Walshe 1972

Windsor As It Was – A Selection Of Photographs – Maitland Underhill 1972

The Thames Valley - Frank Martin 1973

The Second Hall Book of the Borough of New Windsor 1726-1783 - Jane Langton/RBNW 1973

Bray – Today And Yesterday – Nan Birney 1973

The History Of Slough – Maxwell Fraser 1973

St George’s Chapel – Shelagh Bond 1973

The Official Guide to Bracknell and the Rural District of Easthampstead, 1973-5 - Easthampstead RDC 1973

The Fifth Hall Book of the Borough of New Windsor 1828-1852 - Raymond South/RBNW 1974

A Town In The Making; Slough 1851 – WEA Slough & Eton Branch 1974

Windsor Castle In The History Of The Nation – A.L.Rowse  1974

The Book Of Maidenhead – Tom Middleton 1975

Windsor In Victorian Times – A. Macnaghten 1975

Windsor And Eton In Georgian Times – A. Macnaghten 1976

Guide To The Savill Garden – HMSO/Jarrolds 1975

Whigs And Hunters, The Origin Of The Black Act – E.P.Thompson 1975

St. George's Chapel, Windsor: Quincentenary Souvenir Book of Photographs - Maurice Bond 1975

The Story Of Windsor Great Park – R.J.Elliott 1976

A History Of Bagshot And Windlesham (inc Docs/lists Of Listed Buildings C1968) – Marie De G.Eedle 1977

The Book Of Windsor – Raymond South 1977

The Changing Face Of Windsor – Judith Hunter 1977

The Story Of A Village: Eton Wick 1217-1977 – Judith Hunter 1977

Royal Windsor; the celebration of HM the Queen's Silver Jubilee and Windsor's Septcentenary - RBWM 1977

Victorian Society (Jubilee Year Outing) - H.Hobhouse 1977

Crown, College and Railways - Raymond South 1978

The Greens & Commons Of Maidenhead & Cookham – The National Trust 1979

Windsor Forest (poetry) – Eric Mottram 1979

Frogmore Gardens – Higgs And Co. c1980

Yesterday’s Town: Maidenhead – Tom Middleton & Patricia Curtis 1980

Bracknell; The Making Of Our New Town – Henry & Judith Parris 1981

Royal Castle, Rebel Town; Puritan Windsor In Civil War & Commonwealth – R.South 1981

A History Of Datchet, The Changing Village – Felix Gameson 1981

Royal Borough Of Windsor & Maidenhead Official Guide – RBWM 1981

Maidenhead Thicket – H.Bannard c1982

Staines; An Illustrated Record – M.M.Smithers 1982

Windsor, Castle, Town And Park – Judith Hunter 1982

Chotankers; A Family History - A.Edward Foote 1982

Royal Lake – Raymond South 1983

An Aisled Hall At Upton, Slough – J.Trench 1983

Chavey Up, Down And Around – Ruth Timbrell 1983

Prince Albert, His Life And Work – Hermione Hobhouse 1983

The Story Of Slough; Town History Series No7 – Judith Hunter 1983

The Sixth Hall Book of the Borough of New Windsor 1852-1874 - Elizabeth.H.Cuthbert/RBNW 1984

Bygone Bracknell – C.Hickson 1984

Yesterday’s Town,; Burnham – Dorothy Blackman 1984

The Story Of Maidenhead – Luke Over 1984

The Story Of Windsor – Maurice Bond 1984

The Wildlife Of The Royal Estates – Robin Page 1984

Maidenhead and its Name - Eric Brooks 1985

Distant Views From Sunninghill – Reg Morris 1985

Frogmore House Before James Wyatt – N.Smith 1985

The Queen’s Windsor – Marion Harris 1985

Windsor In The War; A Domestic Chronicle 1939-1945 – Angus Macnaghten 1985

Forests of Britain - Thomas Hinde 1985

Chobham; A Heathland Village – The Chobham Society 1986

Domesday Revisited – Windsor, Maidenhead & East Berkshire – Luke Over 1986

Windsor Castle – Robert Innes-Smith 1986

Windsor And Eton, Step By Step – Christopher Turner 1986

Datchet; Beating Of The Bounds – Datchet Parish Council 1987

Egham Races – Maurice E. Lord 1988

The Egham Picture Book – Dorothy Davis 1988

Unknown Taplow And Environs – Eric Fitch 1988

Windsor in Old Photographs - Beryl Hedges 1988

The Story of Camberley - Gordon Wellard 1988

The Thorpe Picture Book – Jill Williams 1989

Frogmore House – No Author c1989

A History Of Chobham – Robert Schueller 1989

Cumberland Lodge – Helen Hudson 1989

The Virginia Water Picture Book – R And D Davis 1989

Brickmaking; a local industry - Michael Dumbleton 1990

Maidenhead, A Pictorial History – Luke Over 1990

Upton Court, Slough; An Early 14th Century Open Hall – R.Thornes 1990

Royal Thoroughbreds, A History Of The Royal Studs – A.Fitzgerald 1990

A Town Called Eton - Selina Ballance 1990

Royal Windsor And Eton – Judith Hunter c1991

Windsor Castle, Past And Present – M.de La Noy 1990

Windsor Town And Castle – Henry Farrar 1990

Wokingham: A Pictorial History – J & R Lea 1990

Dorney Court (pamphlet) – No Author c1991

Long Lease! The Inside Story Of Slough Estates – Michael Cassell 1991

Slough; A Pictorial History – Judith Hunter & Isobel Thompson 1991

The Savill Garden, Windsor Great Park – John Bond 1991

St.Leonard’s Hill, Windsor – House, Hermitage And Hill – S And P Rooney 1991

Windsor, Eton, Ascot& Runnymede - Geraldine Christy/Pitkin 1991

The Englefield Green Picture Book – Graham Dennis 1992

Around Windsor, In Old Photos – Beryl Hedges 1992

Berkshire of 100 years ago - David Buxton 1992 (reprint 1997)

Around Burnham, In Old Photographs – Blackman & Chevous 1993

Some Houses At Thorpe – Jill Williams 1993

Windsor, The Most Romantic Castle – Mark Girouard 1993

Charity And Status: The Activities Of Sir John Kederminster At Langley Marish, Bucks, (now Langley, Slough) – P.Fenley c1994

The Buildings Of Windsor – Richard K. Morris 1994

The Royal Stags Of Windsor – Bruce D. Banwell 1994

The Royal Hundred Of Cookham – Luke Over & Chris Tyrrell 1994

Henry Strode’s Charity 1704-1994 – Pamela Maryfield 1994

In Search Of Herne The Hunter – Eric L. Fitch 1994

Buildings Of Old Windsor – M.Gilson 1995

Runnymede, A Pictorial History – Richard Williams 1995

A History Of Berkshire – Judith Hunter 1995

Some Ramblings Of An Old Bogonian (stories Of South Ascot) - Percy Hathaway 1995

Wokingham in Old Photographs - Bob Wyatt 1995

The Heraldry Of The Wintour Family At Cumberland Lodge – G.J.Williams 1996

The Churches Of Iver – I.W.Preston 1996

Extracts From The Past: Ascot – Patricia Smart/Durning Library (1985) reprint 1997

Windsor Revealed – Brindle And Kerr 1997

Images Of Maidenhead – Luke Over 1997

Restoration, The Rebuilding Of Windsor Castle – Adam Nicholson 1997

Royal Landscape, The Gardens And Parks Of Windsor – Jane Roberts 1997

Along the Thames in Old Photographs - Brian Eade 1997

Around Maidenhead, In Old Photographs – Myra Hayles & Beryl Hedges 1998

The Royal Gardens In Windsor Great Park - Charles Lyte 1998

Windsor Castle Fire And Restoration – Alexandra Brown 1998

Frogmore House And Mausoleum – The Royal Collection 1998

Windsor And Eton – Michael Stiles 1998

The Harcourt Journals; St Leonards Hill, Windsor - S & P Rooney 1998

Beaconsfield in Old Photographs - Beaconsfield & District History Society 1998

Windsor in Old Photographs - Beryl Hedges 1998

Around Henley on Thames - Sian Ellis 1998

Around Ascot - Reg Morris 1999

Datchet Past - Janet Kennish 1999

George III; A Personal History – Christopher Hibbert 1999

Memories Of Slough – True North Books 1999

Snapshots Of Staines – J.L. & D.M.Barker 1999

The Crown Estate, Windsor  (info Pack) – Crown Estate 2000

Caesar's Camp - the life of an Iron Age hillfort - Babtie Ltd c2000

Cumberland Lodge (pamphlet) – No Author c2000

A Millennium In The Royal Borough – Luke Over 2000

A Photographic History Of Eton Wick & Eton – Eton Wick History Group 2000

Cheapside, In The Forest Of Windsor – Christine Weightman 2000

Eclipse, The Horse, The Races, The Awards – Michael Church 2000

The Winkfield Chronicles – Winkfield History Group 2000

Warfield – A Berkshire Village Between The Wars – Michael Banyard 2000

Francis Frith’s ‘Around Windsor’ – Les Maple 2001

Francis Frith’s 'Around Maidenhead & The River Thames' – Martin Andrew 2001

Windsor- A Thousand Years - Windsor Local History Publications Group 2001

Windsor Castle -the Official Illustrated History - J.M.Robinson 2001

Warfield – 1000 Years Of A Berkshire Parish – H. Barty-King 2001

Thorpe; A Surrey Village In Maps – Jill Williams 2002

Windsor; A photographic history of your Town - Les Maple 2002

Windsor And Eton, Centuries Of Change – Sheila Rooney 2002

Francis Frith’s Wokingham And Bracknell – Trevor Ottlewski 2002

The Changing Face Of Slough – Slough Museum 2003

Streets Of Windsor And Eton – Windsor Local History Publications Group 2003

Windsor Castle  (Pitkin Guide) – No Author 2003

Around Iver In Old Photographs – Stella  Rowlands 2003

Info Pack - The Queen’s New Equestrian Statue, WGP – The Crown Estate 2003

The Great Park And Windsor Forest – Clifford Smith 2004

Maps for Family and Local Historians - G.Beech & R.Mitchell 2004

New Lodge, Architectural History Report – Marchday Group Plc 2005

Frogmore House And Mausoleum – The Royal Collection 2005 reprint

Slough, A Century Of Change (pocket edition) – Judith Hunter & Peter Burgess 2005

Girls In Green; Windsor Girls School 1920-2005 - Susan Mercer 2005

Smiths Lawn - the History of Guards Polo Club 1955-2005 - JNP Watson 2005

Staines; A History – Pamela Maryfield 2006

Henley on Thames, Past and Present - John Pilling and Lorraine Woods 2006

The History Of Maidenhead – Bob Crew 2007

Around Slough – Judith & Karen Hunter 2007

Gardens In A Landscape (plus 4 Leaflets) – The Royal Landscape 2007

The Savill Building – The Royal Landscape 2007

The Walker’s Guide – Windsor Great Park – David McDowall 2007

A Portrait Of Windsor – Mark Stenning 2007

Windsor Ablaze! – A.Brown & C.Chapman 2007

Remembering Wartime; Ascot, Sunningdale & Sunninghill – C.Weightman 2007

The Growth of a Mausoleum: The Pre-1600 Tombs and Brasses of St George's Chapel, Windsor - N Saul 2007

Life and work on Surrey Heath - Mary Ann Bennett 2007

Cuil Lodair; Culloden - National Trust for Scotland 2007

Forests and Chases of Medieval England and Wales c.1500-c.1850 - John Langton & Graham Jones 2008

Eclipse – Nicholas Clee 2009

Virginia Water, Neighbour To Windsor Great Park – Dorothy Davis 2009

Villages Around Maidenhead – Luke Over 2009

Windsor: Fun, Facts, History & Legend – Caroline Wagstaff 2009

“Coopers Hill” 1642 Version – Sir John Denham 2009 Internet Sourced/printed copy

Slough, Maidenhead and Windsor Memories - True North Books Ltd 2009

The Genuine Memoirs Of Dennis O’Kelly – Gale Ecco  Internet (pod) 2010

The Prince Consort’s Farms: An Agricultural Memoir – J.C.Morton (pod) 2010

Windsor Great Park; A Visitor’s Guide – Andrew Fielder 2010

Vanished Windsor – Elias Kupfermann 2010

Girls In Green; Windsor Girls School 2007-2010 Supplement - Susan Mercer 2010

Forests and Chases of Medieval England and Wales c.1000-c.1500 - John Langton & Graham Jones 2010

Marlow Past and Present - Barbara Richardson & Cecelia Anne Sadek 2010

Albion’s Fatal Tree – Hay, Linebaugh, Rule, Thompson & Winslow 2011

Windsor Eton & The Neighbourhood; A Visitor’s Guide – Andrew Fielder 2011

Wraysbury; A Chronology – Dennis Pitt 2011

Glorious Seclusion (Cumberland Lodge) – Sandra Robinson 2011

Windsor & Eton Express 1812-1830 - Brigitte Mitchell/WLHG 2012

Ordnance Survey Maps; a concise guide for historians - Richard Oliver 2013

Royal Windsor - Images of a Bygone Age - Elias Kupfermann 2014

The History of Datchet - Samuel Colborn/British Library POD 2014 (original published in 1896)

A Treatise on the Identity of Herne's Oak - William Perry (1867) POD reprint 2014

Bracknell - a Town within the Great Windsor Forest - Terry John Clark 2014

Windsor & Eton: British Historic Towns Atlas Vol.IV - David Lewis 2015



Thomas And Paul Sandby



Thomas And Paul Sandby - William Sandby 1892

Paul And Thomas Sandby (article) – Frank Gibson 1918

English Watercolour Painters – H.J.Paris 1945

Sandby Drawings At Windsor Castle - A.P.Oppe 1947

Drawings By Paul Sandby (catalogue 2)  - Christie's 1959

Gainsboro', Paul Sandby et al (catalogue) - Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace 1970

Paintings And Drawings By T And P Sandby (catalogue) - E.J.Stanford 1972

Paul Sandby, Collection At The Hamilton Art Gallery - Julian Faigan 1981

Paul Sandby Drawings - J.Faigan, Australian Gallery Directors Council, Sydney 1981

The Tempting Prospect – Michael Clarke 1981

The Most Beautiful Art Of England (catalogue) - Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester 1983

The Art Of Paul Sandby - Yale Centre/Robertson & Robinson 1985

Paul And Thomas Sandby, Royal Acadamedicians - Johnson Ball 1985

Paul And Thomas Sandby - Luke Herrmann 1986

A Souvenir Album Of Sandby Views Of Windsor – Jane Roberts 1990

Views Of Windsor - Jane Roberts 1995

Papermaking & The Art Of Watercolour In 18th Century Britain – Harris & Wilcox 2006

Paul Sandby; Picturing Britain – Bonehill, Daniels et al 2009

Sandby Drawings – The Royal Collection (on microfilm) – undated c1980

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