I have been contacted by Phillip Owen who is looking for information about his ancestors who lived in Windsor in the early 1800s.

He writes:
I am researching my family history and in particular my Great Great Great Grandfather, Samuel Newport, who was born on 20 June 1771 at Great Missenden and who married Katherine Bradley on 23 November 1794 at Ellesborough. He was said to be a farm bailiff and lived in a wooden two storey  house which still stands today in a small street opposite the main gate to Windsor Castle.

One of his sons, Samuel, was born on 30 July 1797 at Great Missenden and married Ann Willsden of Uxbridge in 1823 also in Gt Missenden. Great Hampton is mentioned but I am not sure where it fits,maybe they lived there. I know is that his three sons  and families, some of whom were becoming a problem, were all sent to Nelson, New Zealand, with the Wakefield New Zealand company on one of the earliest vessels to arrive there, the Sir Charles Forbes which had sailed from Gravesend on 1 May 1842 and arrived at Nelson on 22 August 1842. With him and his family were his two brothers, Joseph and Stephen, and their families.

Samuel died at Nelson on 6 September 1880.

They must have had some standing and substance as thousands of acres of Nelson’s best land was in their hands, but poor investments and other issues saw most of it squandered by 1900.

My Great Great Grandfather was said to have been among the very few commoners allowed as a child to have some contact with Queen Victoria and when they left  for New Zealand she gave him a monogramed handkerchief which he treasured all his life. Unfortunately this was lost in a house fire in the 1920s. The Newports, as far as I can find out, had been much higher up the social strata in previous centuries but slipped for various reasons, through not having a male heir while some took the losing side during some of the civil conflicts.

Any information you can direct me to would be greatly appreciated.