I attended the Windsor Town Forum on Monday and this worthwhile Project was discussed.   The Council is devoting more attention, thank goodness, to this problem.    This year they have housed 16 people, got ten people clean of heroin and housed one.  

They are running their third Sleep Out on 10 March. They'd prefer not to hold this event, but homelessness is massively on the increase. The event not only raises vital money that's used to develop the work they do with their guests, but gives participants a unique experience - a very small taste of rough sleeping. 

Could you help by 
1. sponsoring a friend of mine who is participating? Send me a private message if you can. 
2. participate and get your own sponsors?  - I'm too old to be doing this
3. if you work locally encourage your company to get a team together? 

Full details can be found on http://www.windsorhomelessproject.org/