The Royal Windsor Website Forum is now over ten years old (it dates from 2004) and of course we are delighted about how much it is enjoyed. Everyone is welcome to contribute their memories and pictures of Windsor as it was, so much so that the forum has now become a very valuable resource for residents and visitors alike. Long may it grow and prosper!

Feel free to ask questions or contribute to the history of Windsor. We will feature interesting stories and photographs permanently (to the best of our ability). Photographs can be sent to Editor - RWWS

To make sure you don't miss any answers or other contributions on the threads that interest you, use the feature at the bottom of the page 'Click to receive E-mail notifications of replies' and an email will arrive moments after any new post.

Please note that the forum and the RWWS is run by donations only. We do not permit advertisements of any kind which I think is a welcome feature

If you would like to contribute, please use the link here.  Although the payment method uses Paypal, there is an option for non-Paypal customers to use their credit card details to make a one-off payment.

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