At the end of May Ezboard, who originally hosted the RWWS discussion area, was devastated by an attacker who deleted virtually all files and back-ups on their servers. Whilst one can question the wisdom of keeping back-ups and active files on the same or similar servers - What about fire or other physical damage??? - the fact remains that most of our threads have been lost for the past year plus.

OK, we should have backed up the threads too - but we were of the view that EZ's back-up systems would be fool-proof!!! Mmmm...

As it stands therefore only one main thread, the extensive collection of posts about the Jubilee River, in the Thames section, have been saved and recreated as best we can.

If any of your comments or posts have been lost and you can help us recreate them, please email [email protected]. We will try and recreate the thread for you. Thanks a lot

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